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Y fuimos a Perú

Our journey to South America was incredible.

My sister, cousin, and a mutual friend of ours took a trip to Peru. Tickets were cheap, which was the only reason we needed to go to Peru. Our friend Stephanie hadn't been back in ages, and with her family's consistent request she decided it was finally time to go back.

Our goal, same as always, see as much as we can with what time we have: 8 days hrs. Our first stop was Lima. Even though we had some jet lag, we started right away by exploring the city.

Lima was seriously magical, the whole capital is by the ocean with incredible architecture and stunning cliff side views. Being Mexican I pictured the city to be a bit more rustic but was surprised by how modern many of the buildings were. Downtown full of restaurants and galleries, we were lucky enough to have two friends, family friends from the area to show us around.

This sight was a great view, it was a small little park by the cliff side. The park was nearby from restaurant we had just stopped at that had the most amazing ceviche I had ever had. Day 1 & 2 consisted of us checking the city so the next few days we had arranged for some sight seeing in remote areas.

DAY 3 Paracas. Paracas is a town on Peru's west coast. It's known for beaches, like El Chaco, set on sheltered Paracas Bay. We left at midnight to arrive around 10am by the beach.

Some of the greatest things about traveling is really understanding history and origin of these magnificent wonders, Peru really taught me there's more to a country then meets the eye, and there's more then just one sight to see.

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