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Four below, Minneapolis

Living in California my most of my life I had never experienced anything colder then 30 degrees. But I sure did say yes to a job when they said I would be traveling out of state and would get some free time to explore with my best friend at the time.

This was my first job for a company called TV Dance Live. I would be a camera operator filming for a live ballroom dance event. This was already a yes for me because I thought it was fascinating and incredibly fun. Pay was on the very low end for a camera operator but it was above minimum wage, and I was eager, I instantly said yes. Here - marks the beginning of my journey with Tv Dance for all of 2017.

The event wasn't anything to remember, a small show with crazy hours (mostly 14-16 hrs) but afterwards we were allowed to go anywhere as long as we made it back to our hotel so we could all leave together. The hotel was warm and the outside was under -4 degrees the entire time we were there.

It was almost unbearable being outside without a face mask.

My friend and I had picked a few places we wanted to check out, the list was short but had enough to really show us a bit of the city during it's icy magic.

1. Mall of America - the biggest mall of the US. It was a cool sight but if I'll be honest, you've seen one mall you seen them all. Nothing stood out except the indoor theme park. While it was cool nothing was as fresh as seeing out there other sights.

2. Visiting Downtown. Again, we're both CA natives so this weather had us, or mostly me literally shaking. We found out the most of down town is connected through indoor bridges and tunnels so you never have to go outside. Roads were so icy and slick, I had no idea how people drove around.

3. And the biggest journey was to the falls. This was also a bit terrifying because I had my camera and the treck down was incredibly slippery and cold.

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