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Vancouver where have you been!

Apparently I have been missing out on this beauty all these years. Not only was Vancouver a incredible lush city but the surroundings were like no other. I’m a bit hesitant to share my experiences as I want to keep this little gem all for myself but I can’t contain myself with how incredible this city was.

My friend and I ventured to Canada for a corporate shoot and had the opportunity to be able to visit this Ocean city.

Not only was I mistaken by the size of the city but by how close nature was. Some of the photo were only a 30 mins drive from town which for me was almost unbelievable .

The forest was endless and magical, there weren’t too many people we saw on sight either. Everything was green and covered in moss which for me was almost a new sight.

Another place we stopped at briely was deep cove where we saw some seals and saw a killer sunset while eatting at Arms Reach Bistro. A very quiet town full of nice people and a very tranquil environment.

Over all I lovedddd every bit of Vancouver and highly recommend you check out the beautiful views, delicious food and cool city.


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