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Tapas y Sangria, Barcelona

This was the first Europe trip for two of my friends. We came to the agreement over a draw that we would visit this country. The journey began a bit rocky when one of my friends was declined entry due to have passport being only valid 6 month. An awkward lesson to learn but I'm glad she was able to reschedule her flight to the next day at no extra charge. So please all, be warned, always renew your passport at least one year in advance, they don't mess around with this business.

We got a great little airbnb in down town Barcelona that had some incredible views and cute faces nearby. We basically walked everywhere we went which was a huge plus for me, this was all before my hiking adventures so to my surprise I learned my friends didn't like walking. I paid a little extra for internet so I was primarily the guide but getting lost in Barcelona was just as pleasant.

We did a bunch of different things including checking out the Park Guell which if you arrive before 8am allows you to explore the park at no charge and stay as long as you want. I would highly recommend you arrive early as lines fill up.

We ate as much as we possibly could and drank probably a bit more then we should have. This photo below is of my friend Eli at a little restaurant that we think had a secret club. It was funny as we ate our presto spaghetti people were opening this sliding door that had loud music, as soon as the door closed you couldn't hear a thing. We never confirmed what it was.... but drank a whole pitcher of Sangria. Thats another tip we were taught which was avoid downtown pitchers as they are overly priced.

The trip ended with an epic night that started this Tapas place. After begging our friends to come out with us, she declined and we ventured out to Gasterea, a small tapas place that was packed. Spain This place was inexpensive and incredibly delicious, $2 beers and tapas that were heavenly. We drank so much that made some friends that later suggested we check out this Cuban place nearby. Great music and great drinks, we danced the night away as I drunkly chatted with the owner and had a few tequila shots.

Address: Carrer de Verdi, 39, 08012 Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city with incredible architecture, sweet people and great food!

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