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A Future of Dreams

What does a dream mean to you? I ask this question to myself everyday. I view them as possibilities, everything I can imagine and more; goals and ambitions, promises and hopes. They have always meant so much to me, to even have the ability to dream but lately my dreams have been changing.

I recently had a dream I died. It was one of the most surreal dreams I have ever had. It was the notion of death that terrified me, it was the fact that being stuck in a purgatory I could not make an impact on the world I called home. I watched as my body was buried, I listened to the cries of my family. But everything continued. Again, that wasn't the hardest part for me, I know death is apart of life but what I despised the most was my dreams could never come true... I was stuck, and I didn't have any sort of purpose. It was a bit of a defining moment for me, since then I've set deadlines on goals and really organized how I want my time to be spent. But as I have changed of course so have my literal dreams.

The past few nights I have been dreaming about the future. I use to wonder what my life would be like if I was ever frozen in time and awoken in the future. Would I be able to understand and keep up with everything? In my dream

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